About us

We value domestic products

Ecobirch manufactures pine and birch glulam boards for the furniture industry, the DIY sector and construction materials for store chains. The company is part of the Combi Group, which connects eight domestic timber industries.

The Combi Group is a vertically integrated timber manufacturing group which values local produce and employs nearly 650 people. The group’s turnover of 2015 was €110 M.

In addition to Ecobirch, the group includes two sawmills – Combimill Sakala and Combimill Reopalu, finishing plants – Combiwood, Vaidawood and Vindor, and component manufacturers for timber industries – Combilink and Vincom.



The manufacture at Ecobirch is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Glulam boards are made on an automatic production line. The annual production volume of glulam is nearly 15,000 m³. In addition to glulam boards, we also produce a smaller amount of glulam components for the timber industry.

Today, the company employs 151 specialists of the field and the sales turnover of 2015 was €15 million.